Life is full of its ups and downs. That's what makes life interesting.

In the Paid Professional blog today we will talk about a situation that faces many today. It is that stage of development when you are striving for perfection in your career. This inevitable dilemma faced by many always shows up and it is your power of choice that sees you through it.

Do you know what happens at that moment when you feel like giving up when you feel confused and don't know what to do? That moment in your professional career where it seems to be so confusing and you don't know if growth is taking place.

It is a common trend in every person who is learning a new skill or taking up a new professional career or is trying to advance in life. At that moment in your career, it seems as if you are on a plateau. You are at a crossroads of decision making. But you need not give up. It is a period of great change. That period of negative vibe is called
cognitive dissonance and are really periods of open source when infinite possibilities are available. Your moment of breakthrough is always proceeded by moments of confusion and uncertainty.

Consider the lives of the geniuses and the creative individuals, when they are at the lowest ebb is usually when their creative juices flow the more. At that moment when they feel like giving up, that is usually when the idea pops up. This is called the-aha moment. It is a moment of decision making. At such moments your goals in life should be your guiding force. It will keep you going.

Embrace those moments of blankness as opportunities for discovery. That moment when you thought nothing could work when you don't know what you should do. If you do something, it will lead you to a new place.

Where you are today was as a result of past decisions. It is a great way to learn new things. That moment when your mind is open to suggestions from the unseen realm of thought. You are open to ideas at this point.

If you open your heart you will see that the whole Universe is speaking to you. That's how transformations occur. This is the light bulb moments.

Great things happen when you take the little steps of faith suggested to you at that moment chaos.

A particularly difficult situation that repeats itself is only an opportunity for you to rise above it. If you find yourself being faced with the same situation and the same problems appear, it only means there is something you need to learn about the problem. When you get to the point where you can say "I have seen this problem before" and you quickly identify it, you can easily solve it. At that moment it ceases to be a problem again. This is because you have seen a way around it.

A response that says "oh not again" and you fall into a state of depression is a negative response. It means you have not grown beyond the problem. A better response is to acknowledge that you have seen this problem before and face it knowing that you will overcome it. Easy as pie you will surmount it.

A successful professional knows that his current struggle is only a lesson point in disguise, knowing that his past challenges which he overcame brought him to his place of success today.

There was a time when you used to hear tales of other people you knew who went through similar challenges, and they overcame the challenge and became successes today. Do not enter the state of asking "why me?". Tell yourself you can overcome. Says "I am who I am today because I overcame my past difficulties, my tomorrow will be better because I will overcome my today".

If you can solve a problem today, you will not remain the same tomorrow. Solving problems is done by making smart decisions. Smart decisions are made by learning from your experiences.

Life is all about overcoming little challenges that show up every day, that is what success is all about. 

It’s the little changes that change things in your life. That is what matters.

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