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Why I decided to start blogging

The journey to the paid professionals blog...

My name is Kehinde Ibiyeye. Most people plainly call me Kenny. I am legal professional by training. I am passionate about people development, successful living and personal achievement, so naturally, I love to see the best in people. I am also passionate about the ICT world. Some of my friends jokingly call me the ICT lawyer.
While in undergrad school I was a member of AIESEC which is an international platform for young people to explore and develop their leadership potentials. It was on the platform AIESEC that I learnt about talent management (an equivalent of human resource management) and developing a professional outlook. This is in combination with what I was learning as a legal practitioner.

I went to the Nigerian Law School in December 2014 and I was called to the Bar in December 2015. During my youth service corps I got to learn about how to blog and the idea of this blog came into being.
This blog was created out of curiosity and as a social experiment.  I told myself I wanted to learn how to be successful at blogging. I like to read online so I equally want to share knowledge online for people to read too. This will help me improve on my writing skills. Blogging actually involves a lot of creative writing.

  I created this blog in 2016 and so far I have learnt a lot. It has been a great journey of discovery. I had to learn a lot about blogging and I’m still learning every day. I initially posted a few articles but I did not share it. Only a few friends knew I had a blog.  I was just happy that I had a few posts on my blog for the love of blogging.

My blogging journey was kind of slow. I created a blog before I started learning about blogging. I had to do a lot of research. At the same time as a young lawyer I needed to acquire the skills of lawyering. So there was very little time for blogging at some point in time. Law practice is a different world and it requires a totally different thinking. Law practice is very engaging and a big business that requires commitment to result.

Anyway, in January 2017 one of my New Year goals was to ensure the blog is up and running. Also, the nature of the economy these days was a wakeup call for us young lawyers to be more innovative about alternative career paths.

The paidprofessional's blog started as an idea to provide information as to what makes a professional successful, especially for someone in my kind of profession. Everyone wants to be successful, and everyone wants to earn a living. So, if you want to earn, you must learn. Successful people follow certain basic principles which they repeat over and over again. This blog will serve as an information hub for professionals and non-professionals alike if interested.

Why blogging? A blog is an easy and simple way to pass information. I have some intelligent guys who want to be part of this idea of sharing information by writing creative articles. They want their story to be heard too. This blog is a platform to talk about successful people (professionals) and learn from them their success story. We will also write about the upcoming stars in the professional world.

Knowledge is power, but we should know that applied knowledge is more powerful. On this blog we will share how successful professionals made it big and get results for their efforts. We will also share tips about how to succeed in your chosen profession, be it your regular paid job, your business, relationships with people, and life generally.

This blog is for all professionals. You are a professional if you have a paying work. Whatever you profess is what you do. It’s for those who are succeeding already and want to do more. It is also for those who want to succeed at something they just started. It’s for those who want to share, and for those who want to learn about successful professionals. 
We’ll be sharing success tips from professionals in their various fields. Ideas on leadership, management, team building, and various other subjects will be shared. We will also feature some interviews with outstanding professionals out there. Educative materials at our disposal will equally be shared. We'll look you up with other educative blogs out there.

The goal of this blog is to reach as many friends, colleagues and loved ones as possible. Feel free to share. A famous public speaker once said”If one can reach one, each one can teach one”. This post serves as a forerunner to other posts to come.
Feel free to tell me what you think.

The paid professional platform is open to comments, suggestions, complaints, and guest posting. We are open to criticisms and opinions. If you don’t agree on something, feel free to share what’s on your mind. Everyone is entitled to his opinion. We encourage feedback and sharing of ideas.

Feel free to contact me.

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