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Tuesday, 12 September 2017


It is commonly said there is no place like home. It is a place of security, comfort, relaxation, and pleasure. And then it is equally commonly said that we should learn to leave our comfort zone. It is all good advice but a point in time you must do one or the other.

The place we want to be is in the present. That moment in time when you are aware of reality and you need to make a decision.

More importantly than being in a place is being in the present, that is there is no better time than now.

A lot of you have programmed your mind to the expectation that your success is tied to a certain place or location.

Two people can be in the same location and one gets
successful and the other is not. The notion that only in a particular place will you become great is false.

The truth is a successful person is not determined by location or place, success is determined by taking effective action where you are.

The rules of success are dynamic and are not bound to a locality. The rules of success are time consciousness and it is the man who starts things where he is that succeeds.

Time is your greatest asset. When it comes to you accomplishing anything, the rule is "when" and not "where".

Everything is in motion. Change is constant. This world and the universe all around us is in constant motion.

Time is of the essence if you want to achieve anything. It is when you decide to move that things move.

Elementry rules of physics will tell you that an object at rest will remain in a state of rest and an object in motion at a certain speed will remain the same and in the same direction except it is acted upon by a force.

The rules of physics are synonymous with the rules of life. Things will not change except you change it now.

The best place you want to be is the present and the best time act is now.

Now is the time for you to act. Now is the time for you to get whatever you want to do done.

The best way to predict the future is to create it, and the time is now to act. The best place you want to start is now. I can say that over and over.

Life may not bring things to you, but you can move to it. When you move, nature moves with you.

When you just do it, things get done. When you move, you go places. You don't need to be told that delay is dangerous.

Let us consider some meanings of the word place. A place means a location or position, an open space, a house, a region, a place to sit, a frame of mind, a role or purpose, a station, a position of a contestant in a competition, the position as a member of a team, and numerically or financially the column of counting a certain quantity.

Those are different views of what the word "place" means. So where are you now?

So we see that a place is a condition. A place is an outcome.

Many of you wait for conditions to be perfect. Waiting for conditions to be perfect before you act will only cause you unnecessary delays.

Your most productive place to be is to start now. There are no perfect conditions, there is only now to make things perfect.

People say, "when I get a million I will start my company", "When I travel abroad I will become successful" and many other excuses while remaining where they are.

The message for you today is that the best place to be, do, and have what you want is now. Start where you are with what you have.

The best advice I received while I was pursuing my professional career as a law undergraduate was by Fela Durotoye a lifestyle coach and motivational speaker.

In one of his audio messages I listen to, he said: "You don't need what you don't have to get what you want".

When I heard that statement it blew my mind. It was a motivation for me then in my final year in university.

Fela Durotoye told the story of how he started life as a young man and how he acted on the resources he had then. Today he is successful in many ways.

I realised you don't need to have everything to become what you want to become. You just needed to be good with what you know and have now. You just needed to start where you are.

Success begins where you are with what you have. Your joy and happiness start with you where you are.

What are your professional goals?

What do you plan to achieve in the next 5 to 10 years?

Your vision can only come to pass when you start where you are now. Make a move. Just start where you are. Make a move on the ideas in your mind. What you know now will lead you to do more later.



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