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11 December, 2017



I’m writing this post as a tribute to a good friend, Late Michael Nandul Vongdip. A great friend and a man who thought there is no excuse for failure.

Michael had a will to win. When life pulls him down he gets up again. He faced his challenges headson without fea
r. He had big dreams which he believed he would achieve. But the cruel hands of death took him away before he could reap the fruits of his labour.

No matter how bad things get you can turn around and start again while you still have life.

The fact that you made a mistake is not a reason to stay there. Try again.

If you fail the first time you are not a failure, you are only a learner.

You might not know the value of time until you look at the events happening every second. Babies are born, people die, and marriages take place, happy moments, and sad ones too. It is a continuous wheel of never-ending activities called life.

Time waits for no man. If you have a dream, begin to live it. Conditions mustn't be perfect before you begin. Start! Just do it!

I happen to see a spider spin its web on a certain evening and I loved the sight of it. I watched as the spider strategically made long strands of line here and there and mechanically connected line upon line of webs to form a fascinating construction. It was beautiful.

And then the magnificent construction was destroyed. But what did the spider do? By the next evening, the spider had built it again. Of course, it needs to survive.

What can we learn from this story? Life is like this spider spinning its web. You must keep spinning, starting all over to win if you want to survive. If a small spider can have it in its instinct to survive by not giving up on life, why can’t a human with all his brain power have that will to win?

Every day, we go out doing what we can to survive life’s coming challenges and build magnificent lives. Things work out and things will go bad sometimes too. But we build again.

Businesses fail, and they build again. Relationships go bad, and it can be built up again. Success is an intentional activity.

The one who quits building up again is the one who fails. The one who gets up to try again is the one who at last succeeds.

What makes life interesting is the daily challenges we overcome.

I did today and succeeded in what I tried many times yesterday and I failed. I did it today again and I succeeded what I tried yesterday and was told it was impossible. I did it today and this time I got it right.

I got no excuse for failure. I have the will to win.

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